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Thanks for stopping by!

I’m an Edinburgh-based ‘modern explorer’ – a title that was bestowed on me by the RGS Gold Medallist Robin Hanbury-Tenison and one that, in lieu of something equally succinct to describe what I do, is the moniker I shall somewhat cautiously adopt.

What exactly does a modern explorer do? Well, I mostly design and lead multidisciplinary and multimedia expeditions to remote and ‘unexplored’ areas of the world in order to discover, educate, and inspire. So far the vast majority of my work has been focused on protecting the ecological and cultural heritage of the world’s wild places, and in particular the rainforests of Borneo.

This work requires me to be equal parts explorer, communicator, and entrepreneur, which is pretty much my dream combination. I’ll expand more on my ideas and work through this blog, but in the mean time you can browse through some of the projects I’ve led or worked on over the past decade or so.

I don’t quite have the gumption to tell people I meet that I’m a ‘modern explorer’. When people ask me what I do I tell them, variously, that I work in conservation (I founded and run the Heart of Borneo Project), or that I manage an expedition company (I also founded and run Beyond Exploration). I’d love to say that I’m a writer, photographer, and filmmaker, but I don’t quite feel that I’ve earned that right yet.

I have a lot of work to do this site, and a lot of content to add, including galleries showcasing my photography, more projects, videos, and of course additions to the projects that are already live as place holders. I’m going to be blogging regularly about my projects and travels, and commenting on the various industries that I’m engaged with. If you like the site or have any feedback, let me know, and if you like what I do, come back soon!



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