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Well, hello there!

How nice of you to drop by! If you want to get in touch for any reason, please just use the form below and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


If you’d like to book me to speak I’m available for keynotes, inspirational talks, and lectures on subjects around exploration and expeditions, conservation and the environmental movement (especially in Borneo), leadership, social entrepreneurship, and communication.

Inspirational and intelligent. Highly recommended”
– Belinda Kirk, Explorers Connect

“Fantastically inspiring talk”
– Georgina Maxwell, Falmouth University


I lead a lot of projects, but I’m also interested in collaborating with other people in roles that allow me to concentrate on my particular skills. If you have a project (particularly something high impact, fun, adventurous, and remote!) that you think I could contribute to, let me know.

Martin is the best organised and most impressive young explorer I know of his generation.”
– Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Author and Explorer

“Martin’s skills as an expedition organiser and leader are second to none”
– Adrian Brown, ex Royal Marine

Mentorship and Consultancy

I’m also very happy to offer advice where I can: I’ll gladly help and provide pro-bono mentorship to people and projects, and I can offer professional consultancy on a range of expedition, media, and conservation related issues, particularly in Borneo.

The Modern Explorers Podcast

Finally, if you think you’d make an excellent guest for The Modern Explorers, or you have a project that deserves a shout out (or even a short episode), or if you’d like to sponsor the podcast, then yep, you got it, use the form below!