Interactive in the Heart of Borneo

The Modern Explorers

I am very proud to feature in this beautifully illustrated book by Robin Hanbury-Tenison and Robert Twigger. The book is a gorgeous hardback and the images are stunning throughout. It's a companion book to The Great Explorers (also by Hanbury-Tenison), so needless to say I was pretty humbled to be asked to appear in its pages. Other contemporary explorers included in The Modern Explorers are people like Ranulph Fiennes and Anthony Jinman - good company indeed. 

Modern Explorers - Martin Holland

I wrote my chapter on the pioneering use of satellite technology to create an interactive experience for followers during the multidisciplinary Murung Raya Expedition. above is a a peek inside at my chapter, and below is a short excerpt…

“I followed Aspor’s eyes to see what he had found. It was 5am and the first warmth of the day was making the moist earth and vegetation of the rainforest steam, creating a still mist that hung in the air. Just enough of the cool pre-dawn light was penetrating the forest canopy to give the mist a bluish tinge, creating the sort of primeval atmosphere that purveyors of the ‘green hell’ love so much to describe. Aspor stared, his eyes searching, betraying none of the playfulness he usually employed as our Head Guide. This was Aspor the hunter, the Dayak.”


Modern Explorers - Jacket

You can buy the book from all good bookshops, or online from Amazon (if you must!).