Deep North

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A portrait of wilderness mountaineering and expedition filmmaking.

If you’re interested in expedition photography and filmmaking, either as a potential career or simply because you love stories of wild places, exploration and adventure, then this is well worth 20 minutes of your time.  This is a beautifully shot film by Corey Rich and Dane Henry. It follows climbers Tommy Caldwell, Heyden Kennedy, Todd Offenbacher and Tommy Thompson into the remote and rarely visited Arrigetch Peaks of the Brooks Range, Alasaka.

It’s a behind the scenes film about filming a pretty serious mountaineering expedition into the wilds of Alaska. As you watch it you begin to get an understanding of how much hard work is involved in filming an expedition like this. The film team have to do everything the expedition team are doing (because they are part of the expedition) as well as think about the shots they need and how the narrative is developing, an then work extra hard to get into position, get up earlier, stay up later, and keep their gear in good condition with charged batteries. Oh, and of course they have to carry all their stuff around on top of their expedition kit.

What’s stunning is just how good this little film is. Watch it, and bear in mind that they are applying all of that extra work not only to the expedition film, but to this film about the expedition film!


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